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Heliconias in Bloom

Heliconia chartacea 'Sexy Pink'

In our garden, we have a constant display of colorful tropical plants. We are blessed being in one of the wettest area on the west-side of the Big Island. Yet, at the same time, our elevation is low enough, that our micro-climate is sufficiently warm to grow almost all tropical plants. Here are a few heliconias, I caught in all their glory.

In this section of the garden you will not only discover various heliconias, anthuriums as well as orchids but also a variety of palms. In fact we have been constantly expanding the collection of palm species from all across the globe and we are proud members of the Hawai‘i Island Palm Society (HIPS).


Heliconia orthotricha 'Colombian orange'

Prestoea ensiformis (Palm from Central+South America)

Asterogyne martiana (Palm from Central America + Colombia)

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