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Fruit Harvest

Beside almost 1000 coffee trees, we are also blessed with quite a selection of fruit-producing trees and herbaceous plants. The other days I was harvesting a big bunch of plantains and actually had to use my little wagon below…The bunch of plantains must have been in excess of 50kg and too heavy to carry.

Photo of our fruit harvest
Plantains, Hawai‘ian bananas, papayas

We also have a constant supply of papayas. It is fascinating to see how expensive papayas typically are on the mainland. They are almost a weed here, popping up all over the yard.

Lastly, I have been super-excited to have our first harvest of a Hawai‘ian banana variety called Iholena. The flesh has a slightly pink appearance. It is one of a dozen different banana varieties that we grow on our farm.

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